25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Parents

25th Anniversary gift ideas for your parents can range from something simple and sweet to grand and romantic.

Planning to celebrate your parents for their 25th wedding anniversary? This is an important gift, as your parents mark a major milestone in their lives. This means that you will need to put some thought into your gift. Choosing a gift is not always an easy process, especially when it comes to a major celebration. To help you out here are the awesome 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents.

Most of you give gifts to your parents on their anniversaries; then they say that their greatest present is that they have you and then you feel that you should have given something of much more value. Well stop feeling down and start storing for the big one. 25th Anniversary of a couple or Silver Anniversary, as it is called sometimes, is a very special occasion. It is the big milestone, in a married couple’s life and you are lucky enough if your parents are nearing their 25th year anniversary gift. There must be a celebration for this occasion; a celebration of love, life and commitment.

Present ideas for parents 25th anniversary

25th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

25th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

Silver Jewelry

Ornaments are a type of gift which workings with approximately any occasion. On behalf of this occasion, silver would characterize their 25th anniversary. Remember that the gift must enclose two pieces. You can present a silver wristwatch for your father along with a necklace for your Mom.

Silver Clock

This one is so simple that you may think to yourself: how come I haven’t thought of this first? However, such clock truly represents one of the most inspired gifts that you can offer for your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, and top of the cherry is you can actually personalize it with their names or a custom message of your choice.

Anniversary Rings

25th anniversary rings, available at local ornamental stores, or online, can also be presented to your parents to make them remember the special day. Parents love hand made presents, especially if they are made by their children. They are not fussed about the item in question, but any item made by the own hands of their children may bring tears of happiness to their eyes. Some ideas are given below for some handmade gifts.

A Coupon Book

Give them lots of options to choose from and enjoy all through the year. You could include a coupon for mowing the grass, washing the car, doing the dishes for a week, take them out for dinner, or watch the latest blockbuster at the cinema.

25th wedding anniversary gifts ideas

25th wedding anniversary gifts ideas

A Photograph Portrait

Sometimes candid family photos fail to show parents at their best. Therefore, the 25th wedding anniversary represents the perfect occasion for you to hire a professional photographer and make them a gift they will never forget. In this regard make sure to run a background check on the photographer to see whether you’re ok with his/her style or not.

Personalized gifts

Enrapture your parents with customized gifts like a flipbook with pictures from all the 25 years of their being together or a personalized calendar with a picture or two from the past 25 years on every page of the calendar. Do not forget to get a grand cover page from one of their wedding picture.

Weekend Getaway

The ones which can give it may want to think giving their parents a few days off as a Gift. There is abundance of offers for city-breaks to a variety of tourist spots. Several parents can be grateful for this type of gift extra than anything as just a couple of days of rest can be a bliss plus in the end, who would speak no to a small number of days of total peacefulness plus entertainment.

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