7 Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

50th Birthday Gifts are always hard to find because everyone knows half a century warrants an extravagant present. This article will share some of the 50th birthday gift ideas for women.

Birthday is always a special occasion for a woman. It is a great achievement for her to reach the mile stone of fifty years. No wonder, it is the most beautiful day for her and her close acquaintances. You have a great chance to make this day an exceptional day for her with the proper selection of gifts. Gifts in any occasion symbolize the love and affection you carry for the person. The lady who have completed the glorious half century will be very keen to get a lovely and extraordinary gift from her well wishers. To cheer up the lady and make her smile, you have some great gift options which you can certainly try. This article will share some of the 50th birthday gift ideas that will help you choose the perfect present for Her who has reached this golden milestone in their life.

50th Birthday Gifts for Women:

50th Birthday Gifts for Women

50th Birthday Gifts for Women

Spa Vouchers

At 50 almost every woman loves to groom herself, and go for regular body care sessions. Therefore, get exotic spa vouchers from well-known spas. Some options include destination spa, resort spa, cruise ship spa, mineral spring spa, etc. The ambiance of such spas are lavish and I’m sure your lady will love the idea.


At age 50, many women feel strong. Celebrate the birthday girl’s strength by bringing her on a trip that includes a physical or mental challenge. You might buy tickets
to Colorado to climb a 14,000-foot peak, for example, or hike to the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Because of the amount of time spent in close quarters, this trip is best given as a gift for a very close friend or relative. It can also be a good experience for a mother-daughter pair, because the shared exertion tends to act as a bond.

Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit

A garden on your wall to freshen up the living room in a wooden box. It can also be laid down horizontally on the table. Just follow the simplest of instructions which come with the kit and grow a small yet thriving indoor garden.

Photo Frame

A refined photo frame to hold the precious memories and allowing you to exhibit them to one and all. It can be personalized by adding the images you wish to put in with a Polaroid effect. Gift it to the woman who holds an important place in your life. She could be your mother or your wife, may be your girl-friend or sister or your best
friend, with pictures of you two together to show your gratefulness for the moments that you have spent with her.

Out for a Dinner

If you want to accompany the special woman on her golden birthday and make her feel good, then you can book a table for both of you in an aristocratic restaurant for a dinner. You can join on her birthday and order some of her favorite food with soothing music. Definitely, it will make her day.

Designer Handbag

Designer Handbag

Designer Handbag

For fashion-forward women turning 50, a designer handbag is a welcome surprise. Shoppers can help friends and family update their look on the big day with a trendy and sleek bag that will hold her belongings. Choose a style like hobo, messenger, or tote to fit their personality, from brands like Chanel, Coach, Gucci, and Valentino.

Gag Gifts

If you are looking for some funny 50th birthday gifts for women, then gag gifts would be the right option. You can come up with gifts that will be humorous, tricky, and funny at the same time. The options for gag gifts include time capsules (things relevant to her age will be packed in a capsule), customized T-shirts, jack in the box, etc. Play the prank and have fun.

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