7 Most Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

When buying a gift for a family member or friend who is getting married, don't settle for the same, old gift ideas.

We love the gift of giving and wedding season is no exception. While there are plenty of wedding-worthy ideas for your favorite couple, choosing the perfect one can be be a little tricky. Giving a unique wedding gift is a great method to show how much you care, plus unusual gifts can be more memorable. Here are unusual wedding presents for couples.

7 Most Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples


Gifting with jewelry is a great thing among the wonderful wedding gift ideas for couples. You can either gift all of them with matching wedding bands, watches or bracelets. Gift the couple with jewelry that contains the couple’s birth stone to really make it more special for them. Most couple likes to wear jewelry of same design, for it to be a great idea.

A special gift for honeymoon

It’s one of the most lovable wedding gift ideas for couples. If you are conscious of the place where the couple is honeymooning, you are able to give them a gift certificate associated with a popular restaurant at that place. You can even gift them flight tickets for their honeymoon spot or gift them a camera to capture their wonderful memories.

Photo frame

Photo frame Don’t let the newlyweds keep their wedding photography hidden away gathering dust. With a tasteful photo frame they can print their favourite shots and showcase them long after the wedding.


It is a best thing to decorate the area and is a great gift for young couple. You are able to personalize the gift by giving all of them with a picture or statue that resembles the pair and their relationship.

Bedroom amenities

Gift any comfortable items which could be used to furnish the bed room, such as sheets, pillows and comforters. Bedroom attires for example bathrobes, slippers, etc may be appreciated by young couples.

A special gift for honeymoon

A special gift for honeymoon

Personalised chopping board

Couples whose favourite pastime is cooking together will enjoy a personalised chopping board for their food adventures. Congratulate the newlyweds with this bamboo cutting board which features a personalised message over three lines.

Family Heirloom Cookbook

Prepare a decorative cookbook compiling recipes from people in the bride and groom’s families. Contact various family members and explain to them that you’re collecting recipes for the newlyweds. Once you have compiled the recipes, typeset the recipes utilizing a desktop publishing program or even the service of a desktop publisher. Following the pages have been prepared, possess the cookbook printed specially for that bride and groom using a print-on-demand service for example CafePress or Lulu.

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