Top 7 Affordable Bridal Shower Gift Basket

There are a number of different types of gift baskets that you can put together that will certainly make your gift the one that everyone remembers.

Bridal Shower Gift Basket Bridal showers are long known for gift baskets, games, lingerie, and some fun sexy and. Creative Bridal Shower Gifts Ideas. Stand out from the predictable bridal shower presents by giving the couple a truly unique gift they will enjoy for years to come Cutest gift basket ideas. It’s both an occasion of celebration as well as anxiety. Wedding is a celebration because it is way of accepting novel things in life. It contains the seeds of anxiety
because we are not aware of our preordained destiny.

Here are a few bridal shower gift basket suggestions to get you started:

Top 7 Affordable Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Top 7 Affordable Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Wedding Day Survival Kit

This is a must-have gift basket for any bride that has the jitters before her special day. It will help soothe her nerves and make preparations her for the wedding ceremony. Come up with some necessities such as a wedding date planner, makeup, manicure set, a sewing kit and hair accessories. Incorporate a little note of support so she knows you’ll be there for her throughout this special time.

Gift Certificate

From local spas to online retailers, practically every shop and boutique offers gift certificates. Consider tucking it into a small gift, so she has something to open.  For example, if you are giving her a gift certificate for a pedicure, you could tuck it into a pair of slippers.

Candy Gift Basket

Any sweet tooth bride will like this gift basket since it’s filled towards the brim with assorted candies and chocolate. Think of candy kisses, truffles, cupcakes and lollipops. Fasten a personalized gift tag with hearts to symbolize the love between the happy couple and decorate two chocolate covered strawberries to mirror the bride and groom.

Home Spa Gift Basket

Help the future bride relax by providing her with everything she needs for any home spa treatment. Pack your gift basket with plenty of luxurious bubble baths, facial masks, foot scrubs and scented soaps in addition to massage lotions. The bride will appreciate a back massager, a lavender-scented bath pillow and pedicure kit. Many of these items will help her unwind before her special day

Baking Gift Basket

The baking gift basket is fantastic for the bride who is always busy in the kitchen area or wants to learn how. To fill this up, you’ll take some recipe books, baking pans, a rolling pin, tea towels plus some cute cookie cutters. Start adding some pre-packaged cupcake or muffin mixes; perhaps you can toss in some flour and eggs for good measure.

Bridal Gift Basket

Honeymoon Survival Gift Basket

Honeymoon Survival Gift Basket

Instead of a traditional wine or chocolate basket, give the gift of a bridal basket filled with all the things a new bride will love – like luxurious lotions, soaps, small candles and scented relaxing bath salts.

Honeymoon Survival Gift Basket

Ask friends and family about the bride and groom’s chosen honeymoon destination and set together a survival gift basket to assist them to out. They’ll need the usual travel necessities such as sunscreen, travel guides along with a tote bag but make sure you incorporate a good book to read on the plane, 2 or 3 travel games and some delicious snacks.

Whatever gifts you choose to include in your gift basket, get them to family friendly. If you do want to provide the bride some lingerie or romantic gifts, provide the gift basket to her in private, particularly if there’s a chance she’ll be embarrassed when opening your basket before family members.

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