Unforgettable Jewelry Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

A perfect Jewellery gift for your girlfriend has to be something that the girl will like.

Gifts can always spice up a relationship since it’s a way to show your love and interest to your partner! Women need Jewellery gifts more than men because they like surprises. A Jewellery gift depends on your budget and your girlfriend’s taste. The following points are all good ideas for a gift that your girlfriend will definitely appreciate.

Every man needs to know the best jewelry gifts for a new girlfriend. There is a pretty good chance that you are going to be around for a few special events that require gifts for a new girlfriend, or you are going to make a mistake and need to make up for it with a special gift. In each of these instances, jewelry gifts are a great way to go.

jewellery gift ideas for girlfriend

jewellery gift ideas for girlfriend

Find the Perfect Jewellry Gift for Girlfriend


A cute pair of earrings is always a great gift. Earrings are a great choice as they are normally a little less expensive than a necklace or a ring, while still being beautiful. She will get a lot of wear out of a pair of earrings as they work well with everyone’s style. They can be used to enhance a glamorous look but can also be worn (and look great) with jeans and a t-shirt. For example, our Pinkaroo earrings are fantastic as they look great with an evening gown, and also with a casual-Friday look.


This trendy charm bracelet is the perfect gift to give at the end of a romantic dinner with your girlfriend. Refined and delicate, this bracelet is also easy to put on and take off by yourself. The Raven & The Writing Desk handcrafts pieces from new, used, vintage and upcycled items and materials.


Coco Chanel considered pearls an essential for any woman, and they have traditionally been associated with icons of fashion like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Whether traditional creamy white or exotic black from Tahiti (or any of a variety of natural shades), pearls have an unmatched elegance that make them essential for any woman of style.


One of the classic best jewelry gifts for a new girlfriend is a necklace. Women see these gifts given in the movies and want to be that girl. You can choose something simple, like a chain that can stand alone or something with a pendant or charm. Make sure that when she opens it, you immediately make a move to put it on her. This will give you some added points with your girlfriend.

jewellery gift for girlfriend

jewellery gift for girlfriend

Engraved Jewelry

Rings carry significant meaning in relationships, so shy away from them with a new girlfriend, but consider engraving another piece of jewelry with a meaningful quote or message. A lyric from a song played on a first date or a line from a favorite tune is a good choice. A movie quote she loves or a quote from a favorite author works well. Have the lyric or quote engraved inside a bangle bracelet, within a locket, or on the back of a pendant.


Every girl loves to see that robin’s egg blue box peeking out from the wrapping paper, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get her something from Tiffany’s. This beautiful 16” sterling silver chain boasts an infinity pendant, a symbol that may seem corny coming from other guys. But when it comes from you? Her heart will melt! And for only $200, you can’t go wrong.

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